You can’t cheat a story out of its ending! ~ Valec’s brother

Rina and Alynna are at a Dictum shrine and are surrounded by monsters. Alynn asks the World Tree for help and at that moment Valec appears between them and the monsters. He helps the girls fight off the enemies and Alynna can continue her prayer at the shrine. Valec then suddenly collapses and is taken by the two girls to the nearby Gliori.

When Valec awakens there, he is warmly greeted by Rina and Alynna and welcomed into their midst. The three quickly become friends and Alynna asks Valec to accompany her on the Dictum journey. He agrees because he wants to learn more about this world he has landed in, which he now calls home.

But as quickly as the idyllic impression of Lyhjem is formed, it disappears again when he realizes that this world also has its cruel sides. Encouraged by his friends, however, he is ready to move forward and help Alynna fulfill her task and save the world tree from its end.