Age: 28
Date of birth: 10.12.796 AGP
Height: 1,69m
Eye color: Pink
Hair color: Pink
Weight: 25kg
Birthplace: Kargon (Kayhru)
Place of residence: None
Biggest fear: To become poor
Goal in life: Retire with lots of money
Favorite moment: The beginning of her life as a traveling merchant
Favorite color: Pink
Favorite food: Grilled redfin perch
Favorite animal: Cat
Favorite Quote: “Always know the value of your goods.” – RhukasFather
Favorite Saying: Do you really trust a cute girl to do that?

Rhuka was born in Kargon, the daughter of an unscrupulous Antefra merchant. Kargon is located in Kaygru, the neighboring kingdom of Lyhjem. She did not have an easy childhood. Her mother did not care much for her daughter and her father drilled her to be a heartless trader. At some point, Rhuka could no longer bear the suffering her work caused, and she secretly left her parents’ house at night, never to return.

From then on, she fended for herself and was able to book passage to Lyhjem with her savings. There she traveled the main trade route through the country, discovered how much she likes to travel, and now works as a traveling merchant. Her strict training with her father helps her make ends meet, even if it sometimes requires her to be very unfair to her customers. Just like Rina, Rhuka knows how to use her charms to her advantage and beguile her customers. In the end, her customers almost always have the feeling of coming out of a trade as the winner.

Even though she seems very easy-going and fun-loving on the outside, she is very calculating and observes a situation closely while miming the innocent girl. However, as time goes by, she becomes quieter and more cautious because she doesn’t have any friends around to watch out for her. In Dorialis, she gets into a fight with the town guard there. Valec, Rina and Alynna rush to her aid and for the first time in her life she experiences something like selflessness. Alynna’s upright nature makes her decide to change her life and quit the crooked business. But the past doesn’t just let go.