In Lyhjem it is very different from Kayhru…. so much… better! ~ Rhuka

Lyhjem is a realm in the Alveri world. The people of Lyhjem once consisted of the Garudar, the Alvagi, and the Kritagar. Only a few of the Alveri living today still use these terms. Often it is used rather to make clear the localization of a person. After the Great Purge, the different peoples became one great nation. They were never particularly hostile to each other, but had very different lifestyles and different views. However, as the alliance grew, so did the similarities between the peoples, and over the years many of the peoples’ idiosyncrasies have become intermingled. Only the Alvagi are still very tradition-conscious, which can be seen in their way of life and their architecture. Lyhjem is an empire that stretches over many islands, which often makes the journey between the different villages exhausting and tedious. In the meantime, however, there are many shipping routes that can be chosen, which can often significantly shorten travel times.

Above Lyhjem, islands float in a sea of clouds. Here the government of the empire is formed. The nobility forms “the great council.” Each former people has a deputy sitting there, who is elected by the nobility. Together they decide about the well-being and unwellness of the people. The common people have no right to vote. Only the duchies can, in exceptional cases, contact the nobility from the “lower Lyhjem”. However, this case never actually occurs.