The great purge

Sounds more like a hunt to me! ~ Valec

The Great Purge was one of the most tragic and cruel events in Lyhjem. Once there were four peoples living in Lyhjem. The fourth race was the Svart-Alveri. They were inquisitive and wanted to overcome the limits of magic. Therefore, they began to experiment with the magic that the Alveri use daily. In the process, they also managed to create “connected magic”, that is, the mixing of several elements. A special feature of this magic is that the eyes of the user begin to glow.

Now and then accidents happened. One spell went terribly wrong and destroyed an entire village. The ruins of it can still be found to the east of Gliori. The fear of this new type of magic caused discontent among the other three peoples. They joined forces for the first time in the history of Lyhjem and allied against the Svart-Alveri. The experiments were forbidden, but the fear was too great that they would secretly continue experimenting underground. Therefore, all Svart-Alveri were rounded up and banished to another world. This resulted in many victims and the hatred of both parties was increased immeasurably.

Afterwards, the three nations decided to keep the alliance, as this would create a greater unity in case the Svart-Alveri returned or a new enemy knocked at the gates of Lyhjem. To celebrate this, a new era was introduced – After the Great Purge (AGP)