There is much to discover in Lyhjem. During the journey you stumble across one or two secrets.

Jump points

One of the most common interaction points in an area might be the jump points. When Valec spots the concise spot on the ground, it is a sign that there is a jump point there.

Plant bombs

There are buried cave entrances all over Lyhjem. If Valec carries bombs, you can blast them free and maybe you will find something worthwhile?


There are Alveri all over Lyhjem, and where Alveri are, they drop things. What kind of hero would we be if we didn’t stop this pollution and pick up the lost items? The more often Valec picks up treasures, the better his eye for the essentials will become and he will find more and more valuable treasures.

Treasure maps

Valec and the others find treasure maps from time to time during their journey. Armed with a shovel, Valec can go and dig up the treasure.

Earth pillars

There are some places where Valec notices a strange indentation in the ground. Once he learns to use earthstones on this indentation, whole new paths open up.

Secret passages

Who doesn’t like searching for secret passages in a dark dungeon? Valec and the others are no exception. There are numerous secret passages to discover in the various areas of Lyhjem. The more secret passages Valec and the others find, the better they recognize them.