The World’s Tree

The world tree holds everything together! Without it no life can exist! ~ Rina

The world tree “Vengenrod” is an omnipresent entity and forms the framework of the worlds. On every branch, on every ramification, on the trunk and on the roots there are worlds. These worlds are very different from each other and house a wide variety of living creatures. In each world there is a tree that watches over that world.

Between the worlds, in the depths of the world tree flows the energy which connects the worlds and keeps alive, the so-called Dictum! This energy is necessary so that a world can exist. If the world tree would be damaged or even destroyed, this would have far-reaching consequences for all worlds. Some worlds would suffer big destructions and others would perhaps cease to exist.

The World Tree was created by the ancient gods who created existence itself. They created the World Tree as a guardian over life. The World Tree itself has a personality, which it embodies in the form of an avatar. The avatar always takes on the form that the other person finds pleasant, which makes the World Tree appear differently to everyone. Basically, the World Tree acts very rationally and cannot afford to put the fate of a few above the fate of many. Its highest task is the preservation of the worlds, which it pursues without consideration of losses.