In the Dictum Journey, I pay homage to our ancestors and the World Tree as a priestess at the five Holy Shrines. ~ Alynna

The Dictum Journey is a magical ritual designed to ensure the flow of energy between the worlds. For this, the priest of the World Tree must perform a magical prayer at five shrines in Lyhjem. These prayers are supposed to purify the energy in Lyhjem and free it from negative influences. In fact, the prayer has a calming effect on the monsters near the shrine. After the ritual, they are much calmer and sometimes tame for a certain period of time. The Dictum journey is performed every 5 years.

Alynna’s family has always performed this recurring ritual, which some consider a great waste of time. Still others actively get in the way and make it difficult for the priests to get to the Dictum shrines. That is why priests are trained in combat from an early age to defend themselves against such troublemakers. Fortunately, there are also some supporters of this journey, which means that the priest often gets support on this arduous journey.

There is a belief that this journey is absolutely necessary so that the energies of the worlds are not enriched with too much darkness and the world tree dies as a result, ending all life.