Age: 21
Date of birth: 24.06.803 AGP
Height: 1,70
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Blond
Weight: 57kg
Birthplace: Gliori
Place of residence: Gliori
Biggest fear: Being alone
Goal in life: Family
Favorite moment: Appointment to the bodyguard of Alynna
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite food: Jakudora fillet
Favorite animal: Yuk
Favorite Quote: “Always help anyone who deserves your help.” – Grandpa


Rina lives with her grandfather in Gliori. He raised her since she was a baby. In early childhood, she, the newly arrived, met Alynna and became fast friends with her, even though Alynna was 14 years older than her. Rina was enthralled by the stories Alynna told about her brother and the Dictum journey. When Alynna left for her first Dictum journey, Rina wanted to accompany her, but was put off by the fact that she was still too young for it.

So Rina’s ambition took hold and she got herself and her body in shape to be able to accompany Alynna on her next journey. In the process, she also discovered her fascination with the elbow blade. She likes to charge into battle swinging and leaving her opponent no room to maneuver. Finally, the fateful day came and Alynna was ready to take her on the journey to the Dictum Shrines. With that, she officially became Alynna’s bodyguard. No sooner had they started their first journey together than they were attacked by a bunch of highly aggressive slime monsters. Only the appearance of Valec lets them regain control of the situation.

Rina is a friendly young lady who is very helpful. As a result, she unfortunately gets into the situation where her good nature is exploited from time to time. However, she does not let this discourage her and continues to believe that she must help everyone she can. This is something that her grandfather instilled in her. Rina can’t hide her fascination with Valec and feels comfortable around him right from the start and isn’t afraid to show off her charms.

Rina’s greatest weakness is her forgetfulness. When she sets her mind on something, she forgets everything around her, much to Alynna’s annoyance. Even though Rina is always very hyper, she can also switch off and enjoy some quiet time with her loved ones. Her great passion is cooking and especially Valec’s sparkling eyes when he eats from her food are incentive enough for her to throw herself more and more into the culinary world.